Colombian Recipes

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Arroz con Pollo

This is a very popular dish in Colombia. We had it many times for Sunday lunches when we visited. Photo by arnold | inuyaki

Bandeja Paisa de Tia Cecilia

This dish has several components. It must be served with “powder” ground beef, red beans, maduro frito, avocado, white rice, chicharrón and a fried egg. Note from Tía Cecilia: “José Luis and I add a few grams of LOVE when we make this dish for you two, such special people in our lives.” Photo by …

Caldo de la Nona

Caldo is most often served at breakfast, together with arepa and a cup of hot chocolate. The arepas, although very good when homemade, are found in local supermarkets; this saves you a lot of trouble. Photo by Georgiño

Ox Tail Stew

David’s all-time favorite for many, many years. As with Sinigang, the healthier version of this soup requires cooking the meat the night before so the fat can be easily skimmed out. See below the instructions for Ají, or Wacky Salsa, another family favorite.  Photo by Key West Wedding Photography

Wacky Salsa (Aji)

Photo by mealmakeovermoms Photo by mealmakeovermoms Photo by mealmakeovermoms