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Avgolemono Greek Chicken Soup

This is Ashley’s go-to favorite soup from Niko Niko’s when she’s sick. Adapted from One Clever Mom, which was adapted from Food Network’s Cat Cora Photo by avlxyz

Beef Spicy and Broccoli Stir-fry

We use regular soy sauce, if we have it at home. Otherwise, Tamari sauce is a great substitute. Photo by joyosity

Beef Stroganoff

This recipe reminds me of the days when I thought Beef Stroganoff was a fancy dish. When I first arrived in Sweden, I was intimidated by the foreign-sounding name, but of course pappa taught me that beef Stroganoff uses simple ingredients and is easy to prepare. Serve over fettuccine or white rice. Photo by naotakem

Black Beans and Rice

After we moved to Florida in 1991, this dish became one of our family’s comfort foods. Another one of Victoria’s favorites. This gives real meaning to “coming home”. Photo by SaucyGlo

Caesar Chicken Pasta Salad

This is a very good recipe from our Weight Watchers book. The portions are a little bit bigger than originally called for. Photo by mealmakeovermoms

Chicken and Pasta Diablo

In this recipe, the sweet ingredients offset the heat of the peppers, and since everything goes into one skillet, there is less to clean. Another good short-cut is to use pre-cooked chicken so you can add it as quickly as the rest of the ingredients. Photo by ginnerobot

Chicken with Sausage and Capers

We found this recipe after you left home, and have prepared it a couple of times. We think it is very good, and quite easy to make. I hope you like it, served over nice penne pasta.

Curried Basmati Rice

Considered luxury food in India and Pakistan, where it was originally cultivated, this aromatic rice was named basmati, which means “queen of fragrance.” It is delightful mixed with curry. Note: Not all curry powders are created equal. Experiment with various “heats,” from mild to superhot.

Curried Beef

We love the combination of flavors in this dish, specially the curry. Buy precooked roast beef from your supermarket deli, or grilled chicken if you want to use chicken instead. Photo by pelican

Fresh Corn and Black Bean Salsa

Especially good with the tequila chicken. However, Tía Cecilia upgraded it with a chopped ripe avocado, and it turned out delicious as a dip with corn chips.  Photo by Gudlyf

Lamb Chops with Yogurt-Mint Sauce

Fresh mint and cucumber give this sauce a cooling tang. If fresh mint is unavailable, don’t substitute dried mint; look for fresh dill instead.  Photo by fifikins

Mediterranean Pasta

We love the crunch of the uncooked tomatoes in this dish. Great for a hot, summer day, when fresh tomatoes are readily available. Photo by Bernal Saborio G. (berkuspic)

Miso Glazed Asparagus

We discover this recipe after both of you left home, but we have served it when you have been back visiting. Very delicious! Photo by marioanima

Pepcorn (BDG’s wok popcorn)

This is the pepcorn recipe from Brian David Gilbert, from the video here I’ve doubled it here because I have a big wok. This is the pepcorn recipe from Brian David Gilbert, from the video linked. I've doubled it because I have a big wok.


This was always an easy recipe that everybody liked. Serve over pasta or rice; use any leftovers for sandwiches. Like the rest of us that improve with age, this mixture gets better after a couple of days.

Rice and Lentil Pilaf

This rice is delicious together with Tandoori-Dijon Chicken (also in this book). This recipe is from a Weight Watchers book; we find their portions to be in the smallish side, so we have doubled the amounts for all ingredients. However, you will have to try and see; you might have a lot of leftovers. Photo …

Roasted Vidalia Onions

To add more flavors to vegetables, roast them in your oven. Roasting vegetables-carrots, garlic, onions, peppers, potatoes, tomatoes, for example-concentrates their flavors and brings out their natural sweetness. Photo by NatalieMaynor


An all time favorite of Victoria’s. A sure hit whenever she came home from college, and undoubtedly one of the best memories from our time in the Philippines. Make sure to keep the Sinigang (tamarind base) flavoring handy. You can find it in Asian markets. For the leaner version, prepare the meats a day ahead …

Souvlaki in Pita Bread and Tzatziki Sauce

We have only prepared this dish a couple of times, but found the tzaziki sauce very easy to make, and delicious. Although a traditional accompaniment to souvlaki, there is no reason the sauce cannot be used with other dishes. In fact, we’ve used it as a dip for chips and vegetable appetizers. Since we know …

Tandoori-Dijon Chicken

Tandoori refers to a cooking method used throughout India in which food is cooked quickly in a special oven (a tandoor) at more than 500F. This dish is also very tasty cold so you may want to make a double batch and save the rest to slice into sandwiches or toss with cooked vegetables into …

Tequila-Lime Chicken Grilled

This dish has quickly become a “fave” of the “fam” (kid-speak). Easy and healthy recipe; we have also made it with fish and beef. Equally delicious! Serve with polenta, and bean salsa. Photo by kimberlykv

Twice Baked Potatoes

Next time you are baking a batch of potatoes, throw in a few extra to have on hand in the fridge for tasty meals like this one. Photo by Vegan Feast Catering

Toasted Sesame and Ginger-Crusted Tuna

Rare tuna has become a most favorite dish in our family. Luckily, we have had access to sushi quality fish, which makes this recipe absolutely delicious. Serve with Japanese rice. We normally serve an Asian-style crunchy salad to start the meal. Photo by atl10trader