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Tandoori-Dijon Chicken

Tandoori refers to a cooking method used throughout India in which food is cooked quickly in a special oven (a tandoor) at more than 500F. This dish is also very tasty cold so you may want to make a double batch and save the rest to slice into sandwiches or toss with cooked vegetables into …

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Tequila-Lime Chicken Grilled

This dish has quickly become a “fave” of the “fam” (kid-speak). Easy and healthy recipe; we have also made it with fish and beef. Equally delicious! Serve with polenta, and bean salsa. Photo by kimberlykv

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Caesar Chicken Pasta Salad

This is a very good recipe from our Weight Watchers book. The portions are a little bit bigger than originally called for. Photo by mealmakeovermoms

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Chicken with Sausage and Capers

We found this recipe after you left home, and have prepared it a couple of times. We think it is very good, and quite easy to make. I hope you like it, served over nice penne pasta.

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Chicken and Pasta Diablo

In this recipe, the sweet ingredients offset the heat of the peppers, and since everything goes into one skillet, there is less to clean. Another good short-cut is to use pre-cooked chicken so you can add it as quickly as the rest of the ingredients. Photo by ginnerobot

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