Swedish Recipes

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Photo by Average Jane


Photo by Average Jane

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Butterfly Salmon

This is a very easy and versatile dish. You may leave out the shrimp and caviar for a simple week day meal, or add them to make it fancier. Best served with “rice” potatoes. See explanation below.

Creamed Potatoes

I made these potatoes quite often when we lived in St. Louis. For some reason, haven’t prepared them lately. I remember everybody liked them then. Photo by mealmakeovermoms

Fish Gratin with Spinach and Mashed Potatoes

The easiest alternative to this recipe is the Findus frozen dinner that we used to eat during our lovely long summers in our little house in Skäret. Remember how you both tried to be the first one getting to the food, so that you could take all the delicious crusty topping off the fish and …

Flying Jakob (Flygande Jakob)

This recipe comes from our friend Inger Redelius, who now lives in Sweden. She offered it to us for the first time in Caracas, and it immediately became a family favorite. When visiting the Redelius in Sweden, she made sure to prepare it again, knowing how much you liked it.

Pytt i Panna (Swedish Hash)

The most Swedish of all dishes! We also called it Swedish “calentado”, for the Colombian version, where one uses all kinds of leftovers and mixes them to make a meal. Photo by Sharon Hahn Darlin

Thin Healthy Crackers

Ingela made these crackers for us one Christmas and we loved it Ingela made these crackers for us one Christmas and we loved it