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Misc Swedish Julbord Plates

Prince Korv

These are store bought cocktail wieners. Heat up in frying pan, and serve warm.


Potatis Korv

This is potato sausage. We usually bought it at Emil’s Sausage in Fort Lauderdale. Put sausage in cold water, just enough to cover it; bring water to a boil and cook for 25 minutes, until cooked through. Serve in its brine, cut in 1 in. pieces.



Hard bread is a must. Soft bread should be dark and/or with lots of grain.



Jarlsberg and Västerbotten are most common.



Never leave butter out of a Swedish smörgåsbord.



Serve very cold Snaps with the herring and cold fish. Beer is the common drink throughout the smörgåsbord, which usually ends with coffee and Christmas cookies.

Photo by bjaglin

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